The “Rigged” Presidential Debate System

The Republican and Democratic parties are part of a cartel that want to prevent American citizens from being exposed to any candidate other than their own. They do this through a nonprofit corporation called the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). This “governance body” was created in the late 1980s after the League of Women Voters, formerly the sponsor of presidential debates, would not agree to limit participation to the two dominant political parties.

Are debates under these rules serving the interests of the American people or serving the interests of the CPD cartel? Any time the ruling class attempts to limit discourse to those subjects and participants that they have defined as representing their interests, it is YOUR interests that are likely being harmed.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states of the union come November. He is polling at roughly 10% in nationwide opinion surveys. Clearly, the unpopular candidates of the two major parties have much to lose if Johnson is permitted to participate in the Presidential Debates. That’s why the Elephant and Jackass won’t let him play in their sandbox.

Attorney friends, could the RICO statues be used against the CPD to force them to extend participation? It would be interesting to see a RICO based class action civil suit filed on behalf of American voters as the injured class.

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