Running Brandmeister XTG Dialer

[Update January 17, 2017:

The Brandmeister XTG Dialer ( is now easier to configure. The program itself no longer needs to be edited to get it up and running. All configuration items have been moved to separate files. Download version 1.1 and be sure to read and understand the README file before you begin.]

I’ve received some inquiries on how to get the Brandmeister XTG Dialer script running. Assumptions here are that you can navigate your way around Linux, you know how to use a text editor, and you can look at the python program and figure out how to make a simple change.

1 — Copy the program file along with the three configuration files (, buttons.conf and masters.conf) to your home directory. It doesn’t even need to be on the same computer that your dv4mini is connected to, as long as you are behind the same NAT router.

2 — Figure out the URL for the BM Master that you are currently connected to. To do this look at the Brandmeister Masters page. Looks through the list, locate your master, click the status button and note the URL host portion before the first slash. It could be a name or it could be an IP address.

3 — Edit the program and look for the bm_master assignment statement. There are currently two, with one of them commented out. You’ll need the bm_master variable to point to the master that your dv4mini is currently connected to.

For example, master 3021 is in Canada. Clicking the status button returns The line would read:

bm_master = ''

Be sure that only one bm_master assginment statement is active. You can leave the others there but comment them out by starting the line with a #.

2 — Carefully read and follow the instructions in the README file.

6 thoughts on “Running Brandmeister XTG Dialer”

  1. You are a gentleman and a scholar sir!

    This is exactly what I was looking for to round out the dedicated touchscreen pi3/dv4mini setup that I am compiling.

    I to am an old Computing guy (note not I.T.). Started out programming financial systems in cobol 77. All written on coding sheets and then input to paper tape by the data prep section and run over night. Came in next morning to find a comma out of place in the data section and three boxes of stationary all with the same error message!
    Ended out writing systems stuff to allow a large help desk to remote diagnose and fix windoze systems. Now thankfully retired.
    Ah good times 🙂

    1. Been there done that too. One of my first back in the early 70s was an NCR Rod memory business mainframe, LOL and as I remember it had 64 k … yes k of ram and we programmed it with snowball. You had to slam you fist into the side of the steel printing console when the paper got stuck!!! Ahhh those were the days!!!! LMAO

  2. Hi,

    First, thanks for making this image. I’m running BM XTG v1.3.

    The dv4mini is working fine on 4999 when I set the extended routing via ‘’

    Unfortunately, I simply get “Check BM Master” whenever I try to use the XTG Dialer window … which is a little cryptic : ) Check it for what? Check it where? I can’t seem to find any settings : /

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Gary, UK

    1. This error means that the master server as configured in BMXTG 1.3 does not match the master server as configured in the DV4mini client. From the README file for v1.3, which is found at /usr/local/share/bmxtg/README:


      The following configuration files must be stored in /etc/bmxtg:


      To configure for use, open the masters.conf file in an editor. Look
      for the [My Master] section at the top of the file. The bm_master option
      should be set to the number of the master that your dv4mini client software
      connects to. As of version 1.2, masters.conf no longer contains the list of
      all Brandmeister master servers. This is downloaded dynamically when
      is started.

      There are 12 memory buttons. Place the names of the memories you want to use
      in the buttons.conf file. The name that you use in the buttons.conf file
      must EXACTLY match the name for that talkgroup as listed in the Brandmeister
      groups file at As of version
      1.2, talkgroups.conf contains only those talkgroups that you wish to override.

      The talkgroup list contains some long names. Long names used on a button will
      cuase the keypad to become wider. You can shorten or abbreviate the names
      if you wish to have a narrower memory keypad. For example, “New Jersey” can
      become “NJ”. The longest talkgroup name in use will determine the buton width.
      However, if you change the text in button.conf you must add or change the
      corresponding text in talkgroups.conf or that button will not function. You
      only need entries in talkgroups.conf for those labels that you are overriding.

      Make certain that is executable (chmod +x or you will
      have to execute it by first running python (python ./

      73 de K2DLS

  3. Great Job Dan..!
    I’ve got the XTG Dialler working, but I have to come through the BM Server as configured, in the USA..
    I have tried to edit the three text files for server, TG Buttons, etc, but I get denied permission warnings, saying the operation cannot complete.. (I am a novice to Linux & Python).. I just cannot figure out a way to ‘save’ a modified text editor file.. 🙂
    73 de Terry G0TMX

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