On the current unrest

The liberal-left media, it seems to me, fails to understand the motivation behind all of the on-the-street in-your-face unrest by progressives against the new Washington Republican regime. Yes, folks are angry about the policies, but that is not why they are taking to the streets in the cold of winter. I believe the unrest to be about hypocrisy, self-dealing, and ultimately, the bad behavior of Donald Trump.

Policy differences we can discuss. But would you raise your son to emulate Donald Trump? Would you leave your daughter alone with Donald Trump?

Donald Trump may already be on his way to impeachment. He has not been transparent in his finances. We do know that there is clearly a conflict of interest in his lease for his new DC hotel. We don’t know the extent of his dealings with foreign regimes. We know for sure that he thinks he can put a stack folders on a table at a press conference to try to fool and impress us.

The right wing controlled Congress is willing to suspend long standing rules to get their way. That is bad for the nation no matter who is in power. The Republicans have the nerve to demand speedy acquiescence in the approval of unqualified Cabinet Secretaries as they disregard our fresh memory of how they ignored a moderate and eminently qualified Supreme Court nominee for 10 months.

Their President has invited white supremacists into the seat of decision making. He cannot seem to be civil to friendly leaders of other nations. He has appointed Cabinet members who either have no experience in the function that they are supposed to manage or want to abolish that function. He is so insensitive to our friends that his appointee as Ambassador to the European Union is known to be an advocate for the dismantling of the EU and the Euro currency.

Trump is a nasty, insecure, narcissistic, lying, crooked shell of a leader. He does not care that the First Amendment precedes the Second Amendment in the interest of a free press. He can’t control his Tweets nor his outbursts. He shrugs off societal norms of behavior as an unnecessary impediment on his crusade to smother dissent. He is a loser and the nation loses.

Then, there are those false Christians who endorse this behavior because, they believe, Trump will make America great (again). I believe he will lead us straight to hell.

Progressives, however, know that this country is (and has been) great, despite its many flaws. And they want to make it better. They certainly don’t want this petulant child to destroy progress that we’ve made toward economic and racial equality. We are reminded every time he opens his ignorant mouth to attack the “media”, or to start a tweet war with a celebrity or foreign leader, that he and his ilk menace our nation.

That is why the fight has been taken to the street.

2 thoughts on “On the current unrest”

  1. I agree 100% Dan. However, in our democracy at least two branches must be in cahoots to take the whole system down. The Republican Congress will never impeach the guy who gave them a defining victory. They are at an orgy and they’re gladly going down the road towards a banana republic.

  2. Excellent points, Dan.
    This street protester would like to add that while we know Russia helped elect him, we don’t know exactly why, though there are hints abounding.
    Plus, as you — and Steve Bannon — have pointed out, Trump is an empty vessel, surrounded by ethnofascists, self-dealers, influence buyers, and the incompetent.
    I’m appalled by every news item, scared that we’re witnessing a real and maybe lasting destruction (is this right-left divide ever going to be bridged?).
    Power and wealth is being publicly — and giddily — heaped upon the plates of the oligarchs by two branches of government while the third has been held hostage until this moment, when the seat can be handed to another Scalia.
    Civil and human rights? Bye! Oh, and war.
    This isn’t “sour grapes” over the pendulum not swinging our way.
    We take to the streets, and the phones, and social media, because we have a visceral and sickly fear that our democracy is rapidly being dismantled before our eyes.
    We have no power in government, but we’ve got numbers and passion. And why should we be quiet? I seem to remember something called the Tea Party erupting right after Obama’s election.
    Sorry–I guess need a break from the news. I was very amped after the Women’s March, but the pace of awful is overwhelming.

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