New Raspberry Pi 2/3 DV4mini Image

Note: This image has been replaced by this one.

The DV4mini software developers have been hard at work fixing bugs, especially with DMR, and making things work better. So, I thought it time to create a new DV4mini RPi image for your enjoyment. I first built my own image last year when I wanted to have turnkey vnc access to my DV4mini/RPi system.

This build no longer contains the unsupported DV4MF2 software. Rather, it has the most recent version of the DV4mini dashboard (201.77), the updated dv_serial (20170106) and my add on Brandmeister XTG Dialer. If you haven’t used the XTG dialer before, you’re in for a treat. It works great with a touchscreen display, but just fine with a keyboard and a mouse too. You might need to edit a couple of text files to set it up to your liking. For details, see /opt/dv4mini/bmxtg/README once you have the distro up and running.

Important default password info follows.

root / raspberry
pi / dv4m

vncviewer – dv4m

You SHOULD change the default passwords after you get things going. The standard unix passwd command is used to change the root and pi passwords. To change the vnc password, use x11vnc -storepasswd.

18 thoughts on “New Raspberry Pi 2/3 DV4mini Image”

        1. Maurizio,

          If I understand your question correctly, you could take a look at the /boot/config.txt file. Look for the line “hdmi_mode=23”. You could set it to a value that works best for your screen size. Possible values may be found here.

      1. I have a RPi in a plexiglass case including a 3.5″ display. The dialer works very well on 3.5″ touch screen. The DV4mini control panel overhangs a lot, however, can be moved back and forth to change Expert settings. It is manageable. Once setup all I need access to is the XTG dialler.

    1. Hi Daniel:

      I’ve received several inquiries on making the distribution work with a 3″ screen. While I designed this for a 7″ screen, I don’t have a 3″ screen available for testing. For example, the Adafruit 3.5″ screen requires installation of a driver which is not included in the distribution because I don’t have one to test with.

      So to make your screen work, you’d have to check whatever documentation is available for your screen and add that driver to the distribution. You could do that via vnc.



  1. Thank you Dan! I haven’t touched my Pi 2 or DV4 Mini since this time last year, mostly because I found Raspberry software fiddly to automate and my time is at a premium. I’ve downloaded your image today, flashed my DV4 Mini firmware and heh, this works out of the box! It even loads the software on reboot and VNC is so easy so cool, thank you!

    Phil G6DLJ

  2. I’ve got this running fine but would like to get RealVNCs cloud client running, according to RealVNC the cloud client is built into later version of Raspberian from late 2016 if they have the Pixel desktop, can anyone tell if this image has the Pixel desktop please?

  3. Hey, ignore the earlier request for help, I just downloaded RealVNC server and voila, we’re in business! Now I can control my Pi over the web from anywhere, how cool!

  4. Is there a way to use this with a static talkgroup directly through brandmeister (or another way)?

    1. In the context of a DV4mini, I don’t know what you mean by a static talkgroup. The DV4mini can be used on Brandmeister to connect to any TG.

      1. That is correct. With an openspot you can (through the Brandmeister web control) set specific talkgroups to be static – always connected. I am wondering if that is possible with the DV4mini and a raspberry pi.

        Greg W9IKU

  5. SO I just stumbled upon this image, and put it to use on my Pi 2 and DV4 Mini… Everything is loaded up great, looks like it’s connected to the DV4 Mini, but I’m not connected to BM ???? I’m kind of lost here, is there no longer support for connecting DV4 Minis to BM? I don’t see the talk group for “extended networking” in the DV4 Control Panel, just USA 1 and USA 2 ? I feel like I’m missing something obvious with getting this going?

  6. did something change recently with this image? im now getting a “failure 500” on the BMG when i try changing TG. this just started or at least i just noticed. nothing has changed on my end. i even tried a fresh install on a different SD with the same error. thoughts?

    1. Hello, did anything change recently with this image? Now I am getting a “500 failure” in the BMG when I try to change TG.
        Thank you
      lu8anb Claudio.

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