8 thoughts on “November DV4mini Image Update”

  1. Just installed this image to my RPI 2.
    It looks great, fresh and responsive.
    I love the fact it supports WiFi out of the box and has a good RPI settings panel to set keyboard layouts etc… Great work. Also the VNC server is handy. Now If we had a script to update DV4Mini when a new release comes out so we don’t need to update the whole image.

    73 Phil ON4VP

  2. Works great…I’ve installed it on my Pi3 with a 3.5″ screen. Sure, I have to drag it around, but it works.

    HOWEVER–Is the DV4 Mini, Home, etc going to be a dead technology in a few months? Torsten is leaving Germany and shutting down the servers. Wireless holdings is only selling the VHF version of the DV4 Mini–everything else is discontinued or not available. Will someone be around to re-write the software to use the YSF Reflectors?

    1. It may be the end of the line for support. However, I did see a comment from Ulrich Prinz in the DV4mini Support group on FB. He may take a shot at updating the Linux software. If this transpires, I may release an updated OS image.


  3. I have installed the image onto my PI. When running the software, it always seems to default to Fusion and not DStar. How can one set DStar as the default and save it?

    Best 73

    1. Quit the app before you shutdown or reboot. That will save whatever the current settings are. For example, I default to DMR (Brandmeister) on TG 4999.

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