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I had the opportunity to catch up with Mike Carper, WA9PIE, at the Orlando Hamcation today.  Mike is one of the two current owners of Ham Radio Deluxe, the incredibly popular software used by radio amateurs to control their radios and handle logging and other tasks.  HRD Software LLC went through some rough times in 2016, but Mike reports that 2017 was a great year under reconstituted management.

Mike Carper, WA9PIE, owner of HRD Software LLC

In 2017, Roger Hardin joined the company as a full-time software developer. In 2018, Mike plans to add several developers to address a backlog of bug reports as well as work on new feature releases.  Joining the team on a part-time basis is well known radio amateur Tomas Hood, NW7US.  They plan to follow an 80/20 approach.  Mike anticipates that 80% of the effort will be devoted to correcting software defects and 20% will be devoted to rolling out new features.

In addition to addressing customer concerns around QSL label printing and Cabrillo contest log generation, there is a planned major change around how rig control definitions are handled.  Mike announced at Hamcation that they plan to externalize rig definitions via XML.  This means that end users will gain the ability to tweak features and implement their own definitions.  Watch for this sometime later in the year.

Mike has also instituted a lot of process around documenting customer reported incidents as well as software development and testing.  The process has led to a more transparent approach to product changes.  Any customer can now view a change log to see what issues have been addressed in a particular release via the web.  The User Manual has also been converted to an online wiki format.

Thanks to Mike for the update.  I’m looking forward to continued development of Ham Radio Deluxe.

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  1. I just downloaded the TRIAL version of HRD last night April 18th, 2019. It looks interesting. I am thinking about changing from Logger 32 which I have used for quite a long time. One thing that IMMEDIATELY bothered me about HRD is that there appears to be NO WAY to change a log entry, if there has been a SPLIT FREQ entry. For example, if I work a stations split on 20cw. The Recv freq cannot be changed in the log. The TX freq can, but there appears to be no way to make a change to the RECV freq in the ALE window. IS this a BUG?..an oversight? I suppose no one bothers with making changes if their entries are perfect but if there is a mistake made somehow, there appears no way to fix it. Can you explain or HELP? Thanks in advance. -Mike Ryan, K4CVL EL 87 Palmetto, FL

    1. There is a checkoff option on the Add Log Entry screen to log VFO B as the receive frequency. You can display it by changing the list layout. The field is called FREQ_RX or something similar. However, you are right, it is not directly editable. The logging of split contacts definitely needs some work and the management of HRD Software LLC is aware. Fixing this is on their development roadmap.

      If you have an entry that needs modification, you can use the Bulk Editor to fix the FREQ_RX field.


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