OpenWRT and ampr-ripd

In an effort to make it easier to install ampr-ripd on an OpenWRT system, I’ve revisited my packaging code and published it to github. Along with the OpenWRT SDK you ought to be able to generate an ampr-ripd package for any current OpenWRT platform.

ampr-ripd is a modified RIP listener written by YO2LOJ. It is used by licensed amateur radio operators who have received a Net44 allocation from ARDC.

The high-level workflow is:

Install the SDK for the target platform on the host of your choice.
Copy the contents of the repository to ./packages/ampr-ripd/.
make package/ampr-ripd/prepare
make package/ampr-ripd/{clean,compile

The resultant ampr-ripd_{your architecture}.ipk will be found in ./bin/packages/{your architecture}/base/.

73 de K2IE