DV4mini RPi Image Updated to Raspbian Stretch

The K2DLS DV4mini image for the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 has been updated to Raspbian Stretch.  The DV4mini client and BMXTG 1.3 start automatically upon boot.  VNC has been updated to RealVNC.  Both VNC and ssh are started by default.

The installation fits nicely on an 8 GB SD card and it looks great on my 7″ touchscreen display.

The default password for the pi user is “raspberry” — please change it immediately!

The image may be found here.

7 thoughts on “DV4mini RPi Image Updated to Raspbian Stretch”

  1. Tnx Info Good Stuff . Just starting out and setting up my Pi3 with a couple projects. Will check out RealVNC. 73 de W7MWR/Mark

  2. Question. Since the release of the new image in november 2017, has anyone had any issues when they update the software package ie: apt-get update?? I noticed that when I ran the apt-get command, the DV4mono control software looses connection to the DV4mni USB dongle. If I redo a fresh image without running the apt-get update, this issue is not seen. Just making sure im not causing any issues on my end. Any thoughts?

    1. Can you please elaborate on what you mean by lost connections? I have seen some issues after running Debian updates where the DV4mini console would occasionally crash.

      1. Morning dan, by lost connection i mean after I run apt-get and reboot, the DV4mini is found for about 10s or so then just goes into a searching mode and never re-finds the USB DV4mini. I tried everything I can think of but yet again im not a linux wizard 🙂 . I can also attest that Ive also seen the console crash as well after an update. The only solution for me at the moment is to revert back to your original image and not update. Any suggestions are appreciated. Feel free to contact me directly if you need more info. Regards. AI6ER

  3. Hi everyone, first of all I want to congrat and thank the team for the excellent work done on developing the DV4mini software for Raspberry Pi hardware. In terms of further developments, should we expect to integrate the DV4mini AMBE version into this software? I guess the extra file “pcmtrx.exe” must be compiled under Linux to get it working.
    73, Carlos – LU4CN

  4. Can someone please tell me where I find the dv4mini folder that has the ‘xref.ip’ file in it, I’ve looked in every folder, it’s normally in the home folder but nothing there, the dv4mini application works fine so the folder must be somewhere I’ve tried searching all the folders and showing hidden folders but no sign of it anywhere, can someone help

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