Optimum Lowers Boom on TiVo

We were afraid that this would happen and it did.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently removed its mandate for cable providers to support cable cards and tuning adapters. While the technology is old and not without issues, it is a way for customer owned devices to view cable programming on their own device, such as a TiVo. It also gets the customer out of paying for a cable set top box.

For several weeks, I’ve been having a problem with an Optimum/Altice provided tuning adapter constantly rebooting. This has prevented me from watching channels delivered via switched digital video (SDV). It has also caused my TiVo to temporarily malfunction as the cable card attempts to remap channels each time the tuning adapter is not seen as available by the TiVo.

After numerous calls, disconnects, outright lies by customer service reps, and 2 FCC complaints, Boris from Optimum called today and said they do not have a replacement tuning adapter for me and that my only recourse is a cable box.

Here is the an excerpt of an email that I received as a followup to the call.

As per our today conversation, we need to inform that Channels that use Switched Digital Video technology are not available when using a CableCARD with a TiVo CableCARD-compatible device. These customers will need a digital set top box to view Switched Digital Video Channels.
Tuning Adapters are no longer available in Altice East Retail stores.

Also of interest to some readers:

In the Hudson, Newark / Elizabeth and Paterson service areas, we do not deliver programming through SDV technology.

This is not good. Wonder what TiVo’s play is going to be here? Wonder which providers are next to drop tuning adapter support.

As for me, at least I’m in a good over the air (OTA) antenna area.

3 thoughts on “Optimum Lowers Boom on TiVo”

  1. Thank you for this blog post. I was having the same problem, and your article inspired me to complain to the FCC. Now, Optimum is bending over backward to fix the problem for me.

  2. Hello. I too have just found this out after 10 calls to customer service in some foreign land and 2 service calls to my home. Only to be told that frequencies have been switched and I would be FORCED to obtain an Optimum cable box instead of having a choice with my Tivo.

    It’s an absolute disgrace that they do not have any tuners in all of NY.

    They said they are sorry and that they bets thing to do to receive all of my channels is to get one of their boxes. Their customer service is the worst that I have ever experienced. They read from a card and do not address the actual problem.

    Please let me know what I could do to still keep my Tivo.

    1. I ditched Optimum, got internet from Fios, and put up an over the air TV antenna. This may not be practical for you, but I am done with Optimum. I do not feel that they cared about me as a customer, so I am no longer a customer.

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