Building ASL on Debian Buster

Some AllStarLink sysops have expressed the desire to build an AllStarLink system on a modern Debian operating system. I took the time to document a working build process for the 020 Digital Multiprotocol Network and then Scott <KB2EAR> volunteered to create a shell script to automate the process. We are happy to share our work with the amateur radio community.

Please note that this process currently works only on the x86 architecture. It fails on a Raspberry Pi OS Buster system.

Hopefully this effort will fulfill a need for others in the AllStarLink community.

73 de K2IE

4 thoughts on “Building ASL on Debian Buster”

  1. The ASL-Build shell file fails on Ubuntu 14.04. What release of the Debian OS does it require.
    Also gcc-4.9 is really old can asterisk compile with newer gcc?

  2. I was able to successfully run this script and get an executing Asterisk binary.

    I’ve got a question about the – it mentions that the resultant image has issues with USB radio interfaces. Have you tried it out with RTCMs (i.e. IP-based radio interface)?


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